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Books for the Chiropractic Patient


Introduction to Chiropractic

by Louis Sportelli

An easy to read, yet very comprehensive 52 page booklet which explains in everyday terms what you should know about chiropractic and why the chiropractic approach to your health problem may be the right choice. Special exercises are included which have been proven effective in the management and ongoing care of most back and neck problems. Information on weight, diet, nutrition, lifestyle, and posture are also included.


Chiropractic: Compassion and Expectation

by Terry A. Rondberg, Timothy J. Feuling
A concise, easy-to-read explanation of the role of chiropractic in healthcare for the lay person and chiropractic professional. The authors explore the history and philosophy of the chiropractic profession and set guidelines for giving the best possible care.


Chiropractic Made Simple: Working With the Controlling Laws of Nature

by John L. Reizer
The author doesn't dance around the sensitive issues which surround the chiropractic profession. He dives into the controversial items and gives laypersons an opportunity to learn the truth about chiropractic philosophy. This book is also an exceptional introduction to subluxation-centered chiropractic for prospective chiropractic students and patients.


The Chiropractic Way: How Chiropractic Care Can Stop Your Pain

by Michael Lenarz, Victoria St. George
Dr. Lenarz illuminates the basic principles of spinal health, showing how the body naturally lets go of stored pain and disease once the flow of vital energy has been restored. He also explains: why adjustments keep the communication flowing clearly, quickly, and cleanly; why spinal nerve pathways can be the key to a wide range of health problems; why many health complaints may in fact be the result of old injuries and therefore treatable; and different chiropractic techniques.


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