Graston is a remarkable technique used to detect adhesions and scar tissue of the soft tissues caused by muscle repair, surgery, and overuse.  The body repairs damaged muscles, ligaments and tendons with patches of scar tissue, similar to what occurs when you scrap your knee and a scab forms.  Over time, these patches of scar tissue can build up (adhesions) and cause pain and dysfunction.  This is especially common in parts of the body that are chronically injured or within the muscle groups that are heavily used.  Since scar tissue lacks the same strength and flexibility of the muscle/tendon/ligamentous tissue it replaced, this can lead to pain and dysfunction in those areas.

GrastonTechnique shoulder-treat Graston employs a series of stainless steel instruments, which best detect these adhesions and scar tissue.  As knotted bands of muscle and adhesions are encountered, both the doctor and patient are able to sense its location by its restricted or “granular” feeling.  The instrument is then used to break up Graston of Shoulderthese adhesions to realign the fibers and allow it to behave more like normal healthy tissue.  This technique is suitable for all ages and is commonly used with university and professional sports teams and athletes!

Graston is a fantastic treatment for anything from tennis elbow, rotator cuff and knee injuries, to ankle sprains!  To learn more, please visit


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